Our Website DesignsSimple, Creative, Functional & Made Specifically for Your Needs

  • Designing a Website for You

    What sets us apart from a lot of our competition is that we don't stick you with a template and send you off into the world, we interview in person or by phone and make sure we know what you and your company are about. Each website is made, beginning to end, to address every aspect of your business and help your business grow.

  • Website Development

    We make sure your website works on all operating systems. Phones, iPads & Tablets, PC's and Macs. We use the most up to date coding methods which include the latest versions of HTML, CSS, PHP and more. Why is that important? We try to stay ahead of the curve because we want to make sure your website can be seen at all times, on all systems all over the world. Our trained staff has years of experience in all the major fields including databases like MySQL.

  • Hosting & e-Mail

    So what's the big deal? Why not go with someone else? We'll tell you! Most hosting companies limit the bandwidth, storage & emails among other things. They often don't leave much room for you to grow. We want you to grow and we don't want to limit you. We offer top of the line service, unlimited bandwidth on all accounts and more email accounts than you could ever imagine! We also have all the bells and whistles and are always up to date! Guess how much we charge for a top of the line account!

  • e-Commerce

    What's e-commerce? e-Commerce is how we help you sell your products or services online. We set up and can manage stores ranging from a few products to a few thousand products! We also offer sales management/advice. You see, we also have people who are trained to run businesses and organizations as well as internet sales specialists. With all of this support, why wouldn't you start a store?

  • Slideshows, Pictures, Forms & Databases

    To keep this slideshow short, we wanted to sum up some of the more technical & popular things. True, not everyone wants loads of email accounts, stores and a million visitors to their site (though it would be nice wouldn't it?) everyone could use some high quality photos, slideshows to make their site pleasing to the eye and useful to the user. We also custom make forms to save you time when someone wants to contact you and we make databases to handle information so you don't even have to write anything down!

Our Process

  • Step 1 Research

    When we start a websites, we want to know you and your business. Websites are an extension of your business, a tool to make your life better. As any good craftsman knows, you need to have the right tool for the job.

  • Step 2 Design

    Inside and out, our sites are a piece of art. It has become very clear that even in the computer world, beauty sells. We use high end stock photos and videos and make sure the user knows, each site was hand made.

  • Step 3 Develop

    After we have assessed your needs we decide how best to code your website. We will set up a static site, a blog, a store and even insert the content!

  • Step 4 Deliver

    Once we are done and you are satisfied, we can either package the whole project up and offer it for download to you or your tech person or install it for you!

Why Choose Global Business Solutions?

  • We offer the prices that even the biggest companies have trouble competing with!
  • We offer MORE services than large companies. You don't have to chose money over quality.
  • You aren't just a file to use. We are small enough to know who you are and will address your needs specifically.
  • Speed! We stocked up on coffee just so we can get your website done on your timeline!
  • Personality! We want to make your site relatable to your audience. Mass produced template sites can't do that.
  • We are flexible! We have worked with many small businesses and we know sometimes it takes baby steps.
  • Follow-through! Most importantly we like our reputation. We want to make sure you are happy even after we finish working.

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